Thomas Robinson's New Citharen Lessons, 1609

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L E S S O N S,

With perfect Tunings of the same, from Foure
course of Strings to Fourteene course, euen to trie the
sharpest teeth of Enuie, with Lessons of all sortes,
and methodicall Instructions for all Profes-
sors and Practioners of the
C I T H A R E N.

By T H O M A S  R O B I N S O N , Student in all the
seuen liberall Sciences.

The tuning of the Citharen with fourteene course of strings.

Vnisons | dia pasons | diapasons.

[Robinson's 14-course cittern.]

These seuen with frets are double strung | al the other single | twisted.

Printed by William Barley, and are to be sold at his
Shop in Gracious-streete, 1 6 0 9
Cum Priuilegio.

Contents taken from Robinson's book by A. Hartig.

# fol. title
1 B2v My Lord Treasurer his Pauen
2 B3v The Galliard to the Pauin before
3 B4v A Fantasie
4 C2 Wades Welfare
5 C2v Powles Carranta
6 C3 O Cupid looke about thee
7 C3v A Iigge for two Citherens
8 D3v A Ground
9 D4v Pipers Galiard
10 E A Psalme
11 Ev Philips Pauin
12 E2 A Galiard
13 E2v A Galliard: Can she excuse my wrongs
14 E3v A Galiard
15 E4 A Psalme
16 E4v Passamezo Pauen
17 Fv Oft I haue forsworne her company
18 F2 Galliard to the Quadron Pauin
19 F2v An Almaine
20 F3 A French Toy
21 F3v Excuse me
22 F4 Robinsons Idelsbie
23 F4v An Almaine
24 G The Frogge
25 Gv Robinson Riddle
26 G2 Shepheard shoot home
27 G2v Ioan come kisse me now
28 G3 A Psalme
29 G3v Passamezo Galiard
30 [G4v] The new Hunts vp
31 Hv Souches March
32 H2 Whetelies wheat sheafe
33 H2v O Hone
34 H3 An Almaine
35 H3v An Alamine
36 H3v I Lift my heart to thee
37 H4 An Almaine
38 H4v Robinsons modicum
39 I An Almaine
40 Iv Farewell deare loue
41 I2 Alexander Chezum his Curranta
42 I2v Robarts Rquest
43 I3 The Quadro Pauin
44 I4v For two Citharens
45 K2 What if a day
46 K2v Ah, ah alas, thou God of Gods
47 L Now Cupid lookes about thee
48 L2 Paauana Passamezo
49 L3v M North his Nowell
50 L4 Fantasia
51 Mv Fantasia 2
52 M2v Fantasia 3
53 M3v Fantasia 4