Thomas Morley, The First Book of Consort Lessons, 1599

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sort Lessons, made by diuers exqui-

site Authors, for six Instruments to
play together, the Treble Lute, the
Pandora, the Cittern, the Base-
Violl, the Flute, & Treble-Violl.

Newly set forth at the coast &
charges of a Gentle-man, for his pri-
uate pleasure, and for diuers o-
thers his frendes which de-
light in Musicke.

Printed at London in Little Saint
Helens by VVilliam Barley, the
Assigne of Thomas Morley,
and are to be solde at his shop
in Gratious-streete.

Imprimendum solum.


Contents compiled by A. Hartig from those given in The Table at the back of the volume.

NOTE: Of the two editions of the cittern partbooks of Consort Lessons, only the 1599 edition survives. Based on the other surviving partbooks from 1611, the 1611 cittern partbook probably contained two additional pieces, Responce Pavin and The Bachiler's Delight. Both of the latter pieces can be found in the Mills College library cittern MS (the so-called Walsingham partbook).

title #
The Quadro Pauin. 1.
Galliard to the Quadro Pauin. 2.
Dela Trombo Pauin. 3.
Captaine Pipers Pauin. 4.
Galliard to Captaine Pipers Pauin. 5.
Galliard Can shee Excuse. 6.
Lacrimć Pauin. 7.
Phillips Pauin. 8.
Galliard to Phillips Pauin. 9.
The Frog-Galliard. 10.
Allisons Knell. 11.
Goe from my Window. 12.
In Nomine Pauin. 13.
My Lord of Oxenfords Maske. 14.
Mounsers Almaine. 15.
Michills Galliard. 16.
Lauolto. 17.
Balowe. 18.
O Mistresse mine. 19.
Sola Soletta. 20.
Ioyne Hands. 21.
La Coranta. 22.
The Lord Sowches Maske. 23.