John Playford's A Booke of New Lessons for the Cithern & Gittern, 1652

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A Booke of New Lessons
F O R   T H E
Containing many New and Excellent Tunes, both Easie and
Delightfull to the Practitioner.
With plain and easie Instructions, teaching the right use of the hand, and perfect Tuning
of both Instruments, never before Printed.

London, Printed by T.H. for John Benson and John Playford, and to be sold at their Shops, in
St. Dunstans Church-Yard, and in the Inner Temple, near the Church Doore. 1652.

Contents taken from Playford's table of contents by A. Hartig.

# fol. title
1a. John come kisse me now. First way.
1b. John come kiss me now. Second way.
1c. John come kisse me. The third way.
2 Maying time
3 Wilsons wilde
4 The Nightingale
5 Step Stately
6 Blew Cap
7 Over the Mountaines
8 Towle, towle, Gentle Bell
9 The Queenes Maske
10 Aye me, or a Symphony
11 Vive le Roy
12 Tantara, or LASHLEYES March
13 Countrey Lasse
14 A Symphony
15 The Canaries
16 Temple Porch
17 Mr WILLIAM LAWES Elizium, or fair PHIDELIA
18 Stingo, or the Oyle of Barly
19 Colonel Gerrards Mistresse
20 O Rogues, notable Rascals, or Smarra Galumpshe
21 The Glory of the West
22 The Glory of the North
23 Mr. Farmeloes. The mock glory of the West, or the Cornish Mount
24 The French Rant
25 The Irish Rant
26 Day-light, or a Candle
27 When the K. enjoyes his own again
28 The L. Cahmaberlaines Maske
29 Good your Worshippe
30 Welch Saraband
31 Chestnut
32 Light of Love
33 Nobody shall plunder but I
34 Merchant new come over
35 Mr. Mulloynes Coranto
36 Mr. Mulloynes Antick Saraband
37 Bow Bels
38 Ala Mode de France
39 I am a yong and harmlesse Maid.
The Song to this Tune.
40 An Allmaine
41 An Almaine by Captaine Winn
42 Coranto by Captaine Winn
43 An Allmaine by Mr. Robinson
44 A Simphony
45 In faith I cannot keep my sheep.
The second way.
46 Allmaine by Captaine Winn
47 A Coranto by Capt. Winn
48 A Saraband
49 Kitts Allmaine
50 The Spanish Pavin
51 See the Building
52 Greene-Sleeves
53 Psalme 23. Low Dutch Tune
54 Psalme 4. Oxford Tune
55 Psalme 84. Winchester Tune
56 Psalme 25. Southwell Tune
57 Psalme 39. Windsor Tune
58 Psalme 116. London Tune
59 Psalme 148.
61 Psalme 12. Cambridge Tune
62 Ala Mode de France
63 Towle, towle, gentle Bell
64 Glory of the West
65 Glory of the North
66 The Canaries
67 Fugga, Fugga, or the Italian Rant
68 Maying time
69 The Welch Saraband
70 Step stately
71 The Souldiers Life
72 Scoth Covenant
73 Over the Mountaines
74 Mock Glory of the West
75 When the K. enjoys his own again
76 The Elizium, or Faire Phidelia
77 Dargason or Sedany
78 Take a Lady in the Humour
79 Bobing Joe
80 Bow Bells
81 Stingo, or the Oyle of Barly
82 New Rant
83 Moores Medly
84 Squire Rands Rant
85 Dull Sir JOHN
86 Ah me, or the Simphony
87 THOMAS I cannot
88 Dr. Colmans Simphony
89 Chestnut
90 Tantarra, or Lashleys March
91 Mayden Fair
92 Mr. LAWES Tune
93 A new Country Dance, or the Lincolnshire Lad
94 Call George againe. With Division
95 The New, New Nothing
96 The Song to this Tune. Gather your Rose-buds whilst you may
97 The Song to this Tune. How happy art thou and I
98 Cuckolds all a Row
99 The new Antick
100 An Allmaine.
101 La Vinione
102 GERARDS Mistresse