Anthony Holborne's Cittharn Schoole, 1597

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S C H O O L E ,
Gentleman, and servant to her most
excellent Maiestie.

Hereunto are added sixe short AERS
Neapolitan like to three voyces, with-
out the Instrument: done by his bro-

Printed by Peter Short, dwelling on
Breadstreet hill at the signe of
the Starre     1597.

Contents as given by Howard Mayer Brown's Instrumental Music Printed Before 1600, 2nd. ed., 1967.

# fol. title
[Music for solo cittern]
1 B1 Praeludium
2 B1 Praeludium
3 B1v Praeludium
4 B1v Praeludium
5 B2 Praeludium
6 B2 Praeludium
7 B2v Pavane passamezo
8 B2v Galliarde
9 B3 Pavane Quadro
10 B3v Pavane la vecchio
11 B4v The oulde Almaine
12 C1 The voyce
13 C1v In pescod time
14 C2v The Spanish pavane
15 C3 Qui passi
16 C3v As I went to Walsingham
17 C4 Mounsiers Almayne
18 C4v The Miller
19 D1 What you will
20 D1v The maydens of the Countrey
21 D1v A Jyg
22 D2 Bonny sweet Robin
23 D2 A French toy
24 D2v Go from my window
25 D3 Sicke sicke and very sicke
26 D3v Pavane Quadro
27 D4v Pavane passamezo
28 E2v Pavane passamezo
29 E4v Galliard pessamezo
30 F1v Pavane Quadro
31 F3 Pavane la vecchio
32 F4v Pavane Quadro
33 G2v A Hornepype
[Music for cittern and bass instrument]
34 G4v Pavane
35 H1v Maister Earles pavane
36 H2v Pavane
37 H3v Pavane
38 H4v Pavane
39 I1v Almayne
40 I2v Galliarde
41 I3v Maister Birds Galliard
42 I4v Galliarde
43 K1v Galliard
44 K2v Galliard
45 K3v Galliard
46 K4v Galliarde
47 L1v Almaine
48 L2v Galliard
49 L3v Galliarde
50 L4v Almaine
51 M1v Almayne
52 M2v Galliard
53 M3v Almaine
54 M4v Galliard
55 N1v The Lullaby
56 N2v Fantasia. Trium vocum (For cittern and 3 voices)
57 O2v Fantasia. Trium vocum (For cittern and 3 voices)
58 P2v The Farewell (For cittern and bass instrument)
[Canzonets a 3 by William Holborne]
59 Q1v Change then for lo she changeth
60 Q2v Since Bonny-boots
61 Q3v Heere rest my thoughts
62 Q4v Sweet I grant
63 R1v Gush foorth my teares
64 R2v Sit still & sturre not