An Inventory with Concordances
Rainer aus dem Spring, 4.12.2000

List of concordances

1r/11. [galliard on the p. a.]
1r/22. [a galliard]
1r/33. [a galliard]
1v/14. Marigold Galliard
Hol 46: The Marie-golde, Anthony Holborne
For lute
Board26v/1Marygoud gould
Florida 82rAlio Galliarde [Galliarda alio in index]
Thysius 25rGalliarde
For cittern + bass viol
For consort
PGANo. 8The Marie-golde
1v/25. Mr. Birds Galliarde.
Galliard (FWVB, No. 168), William Byrd
For lute
Dd.2.11101v/2Mr. Birdes
Dd.9.3359v-60/1[No title]
Hirsch 2r/2[No title]
Welde 8r/1The Galiard Mr Birde
For cittern + bass viol
CSI3v-I4rMaister Birds Galliard.; Set by Holborne
For keyboard
5612134The Galliard [to the pavan before]
FWVB285/2-286/1Galiarda / William Byrd.
Nevell 61v-62vmr: w: birde: / the galliarde to the same:
2r/16. Sprignals pauen
2r/2, 3r/27. Walter Erles pauen
Walter Earl's pavan, Walter Earl
Concerning Walter Earl see [Pin93]
For cittern + bass viol
CSH1v-H2rMaister Earles pauane. / Maister Earles Pauane.
For keyboard
FWVB341/2-343/1Walter Earls Pavan 26 / Giles Farnaby.; Set by Farnaby, Brookes, No. 16441657
2v-3r/18. Passmeas A. Holb:
Passamezzo Pavan (Jefferey, No. 73), Anthony Holborne
CSD4v-E2rPauane passamezo.
Dd.4.2316v[No title]
3v9. A Fancy dedicate to the Lo. Borough. A: Holb.
Lord Burgh's Fantasia, Anthony Holborne
Otley12v/2-13v/1A Fancie / Phantazia Thomas Robinson
4r/110. Mr Heysis Galliard
4r/211. Robinsons Fancy
Robinson's Fancy (Dd.4.23, f. 4r), Thomas Robinson
4v/112. Pipers Galliard Jo Dowland. Tho. Robinson
CLM 19: Captain Piper's Galliard, John Dowland
For lute
3056 3v-4rThe galliard to the pauan before.
3139228v-29r/1maister Pypers galiard. by maister Dowland
Besard 1603107v/2GAlliarda Ioannis Doland.
Board21v/1Yf my Complaynts Jo: Dowla B: M / yf my complaints.
Dd.2.11 53r/1[No title]
Dd.5.78.321v, 10r/1[No title]
Dd.9.3373v[No title]
Dolmetsch 92v-93rGalliarde
Euing28v[No title]
Hirsch11r/3[No title]
Trésor d'Orphée13rGaillarde.; set by Fracisque
For lute + consort
LoSTL1v-L2rCaptaine Digorie Piper his Galiard
For cittern
Otley14rDowland Gal:
Robinson 1609D4vPipers Galiard; set by Robinson
For lyra viol
Corkine 2nd BookNo. 1If my complaints
For Bandora, consort part
Browne89r/2Captayne Pipers Galliard
For bass viol
3648422vThe galyeard; bassus from first book of songs
For consort
Morley 1599No. 5Galliard to Captaine Pipers Pauin
For keyboard
4031630v-31r/1Galliarda. Pietro Philippi; set by Philipps, Brookes, No. 2013
5612 4/2The Galliard; Brookes, No. 576
Forster222v-224If my complaints: or. Pypers gal.; Brookes, No. 1394
FWVB299/2-300/1Pipers galliard / Doctor Bull.; Set by Bull, Brookes, No. 1233
FWVB300/2-302/1Variatio Ejusdem. / Doctor Bull.; Set by Bull, Brookes, No. 1234
Och 43118v-19rIf my complaintes could passions move. / Mr Birde; Set by Byrd, Brookes, No. 1394
Och 43710v/1[No title]; Brookes, No. 639
For voice (solo)
9450 7rThe galeard
4v/213. ye Old hunt is vp.
5r14. My lo Borroughs Galliard
MEL 16: Johnson's Jewell, John Johnson
For lute
Board21r/2The lo: Bourrowes Gallyard
Dd.2.11 99r/2Johnsons Jewell
Thysius 32vMy Lorde barrayes his Gallarde.
For cittern
Dd.4.2318r/2My loard Burrow Galliard
For keyboard
PartheniaNo. 14Galiardo
5v/115. Go from my window
Go From My Window
5v/2-6r/116. Willsons Wylde
Wilson's Wild
For lute
408/2112/2Wilsons Wile
Dd.2.11 68v/2Willsons Wylde
Dresden 297133Angelica Doy
Folger 3r/1willsons wilde
II.6.15237Curante 1
Lüneburg 200012-13Currant
Sampson 4r/2[No title]
For cittern
Boteler 7rwilsons wilde
Playford1652 2/2Wilsons wilde
Playford1666B5rWIlson's Wild
For keyboard
1186 17r/1Wilsons wilde.; Brookes, No. 1087
5609103/2Wilson's Wilde; Brookes, No. 1087; copied from 1186
Forster 37vWilsons wilde.; Brookes, No. 1478; first note only
FWVB276/2-277/1Wolseys Wilde / William Byrd.; Brookes, No. 1478
6r/217. Sick Sick
Sick, sick, and very sick II
CSD3rSicke sicke and very sicke.; set by Holborne
6r/318. Grimstock
For lute
Bautzen86/1Chorea anglica
Dd.5.78.375v/1[No title]
For bandora
For cittern
For recorder
Dd.5.21 8rGrimstone. / Thr Recorder parte
For bass viol
Dd.5.20 8r???
6v/119. Mr phs toy
Toy (Robinson No. 20), Thomas Robinson
For lute
Euing29v/2[No title]
Robinson 1603I2rA TOY.
6v/220. Prety Nancy
6v/3-7r/121. Conceipte Rob Ascue
7r/222. A Gigge
7v23. The Olde Meddley
MEL 24: The Medley, John Johnson
For lute
2764(2) 3v-5r/1olde Medlye
Brogyntyn16-17/1Medley / J: J:
Dallis 53medlÿe
Dd.2.11 88v-89r/1Olde Meddley / Jo John[son]
Fabritius115Padoana Anglica
Marsh270-271[No title]; In C
Marsh272[No title]; In D
Pratum 1584692rPavane à l'Englesa
Thysius142vPavane Maechdelijn
Thysius192r-193rLe Medly
Valerius 99/2-100/1Pavane Medelyn.
Welde 8v-9r/1The Medley / Mr Johnson
For cittern
Valerius100/2Pavane Medelyn.
For cittern, consort part
Otley 1v/2-2rthe medley
For keyboard
Cfm 78274v-75rJohnsons Medley by Mr Randall; Brookes, No. 2054
Cfm 78276v/1frgament; Brookes, No. 2054
FWVB355/2-356/1Jhonson's Medley / Edward Johnson
For voice (solo)
Valerius 98-99/2Pavane Medelyn.
8r/124. [No Title]
Galliard (Jefferey, No. 117), Anthony Holborne
For cittern + bass viol
CSK4v-L1rGalliarde. / Galliard.
8r/225. [No Title]
Hol 82: Noell's Galliard, Anthony Holborne
For Bandora, consort part
Browne10v/2Mr Nowells galliard
For consort
3665521v-522rNowels Galiard / P. P.
PGANo. 40Galliard
For keyboard
FWVB356-357Nowels Galiard
For treble + Bass
Schermar 130No. 99Galliard Nouvels / Galliarda Nouvels
8v/126. lullaby
Hol 71: Lullaby, Anthony Holborne
For lute
For bandora
Dd.2.11 65r/2Lullaby
For cittern + bass viol
CSN1v-N2rThe Lullaby
For consort
PGANo. 4Lullaby
8v/2-9r/127. [No Title]
Hol 59: A Ground, Anthony Holborne
For bandora
Dd.2.11 3v/2Band / A Ground A Holb
9r/228. Allmayne. Ant: Ho
Hol 52: The Night Watch, Anthony Holborne
For lute
Welde 6v/1Almaine Mr Holborne
For bandora
Dd.2.11 36r/3[No title]
For cittern + bass viol
For consort
PGANo. 55The night watch
9v-10r29. Tres Choses
10v-11v30. Quadro / The Quadrew Pauen
Quadro Pavan (Jefferey, No. 28), Anthony Holborne
CSF4v-G2rPauane Quadro.
12r/131. Galliard. Ant: Hol
Galliard (Jefferey, No. 134), Anthony Holborne
For cittern + bass viol
CSI4v-K1rGalliarde / Galliard.
12r/232. Galliarde Mr: Ro: Knolles
12v-13r/133. ye Queenes Galliard
PGA, No. 24, Anthony Holborne
For cittern + bass viol
CSK3v-K4rGalliard. / Galliarde.
For consort
PGANo. 24Galliard
13r/234. Holburnes Allmayne
PGA, No. 57, Anthony Holborne
For cittern + bass viol
CSL4v-M1rAlmaine. / Almayne.
For consort
PGANo. 57Almaine
13v-15r35. Passemeasures Pauen. / Anth: Holburne
Passamezzo Pavan (Jefferey, No. 74), Anthony Holborne
CSE2v-E4rPauane passamezo.
15v-16r/136. Fantasia. Anth: holburne
Hol 64: Bandora Fantasia 4, Anthony Holborne
For bandora
Dd.2.11 26r[No title]
16r/237. An Allmaine. Ant: Hol
Almain (Jefferey, No. 5), Anthony Holborne
16v38. [No Title]
See No. 8
17r39. Passemeasures Pauen. Anth: Holburne
Passamezzo Pavan (Jefferey, No. 71), Anthony Holborne
17v-18r/140. Quadren Pauen. Robt Pryme
18r/241. My loard Burrow Galliard
See No. 14
18v-19r/142. [a quadro pavan]
19r/243. Callino Robinson
For lute
For lute duet
Dd.3.18 3rCallinoe [index:] Callinoe ./; treble part only
For cittern
Otley 6v/3,7r,4v/3Callino
For keyboard
3048596v-97rcalinoe: Mr Birds Calinoe: 'Calino Castorame In the Virginal Book by Byrd'; Brookes, No. 1345
FWVB277/2Calino Casturame / William Byrd.; Brookes, No. 1345
19r/344. T. R
Stanes Morris
For lute
408/2 91/3staynes moris
Trumbull 9v/2Stanes Morris.
For violin
Playford165187Stanes Morris
19v-20r/145. Primero
Primero (tune)
For lute, consort part
Dd.3.1832v-33r/1Primiero [index:] Primiero
For cittern, consort part
For recorder
Dd.5.21 5vPrimiero
For treble viol
For bass viol
Dd.5.20 2vPrimiero
For consort
WalsinghamNo. 28Primero; bass viol part only
For keyboard
2948525v-27r[No title]; Brookes, No. 859
FWVB291-293/1Medley / William Byrd; Brookes, No. 1423
20r/246. Mask / T. R
The Earl of Oxford's March
For lute
2764(2) 7v/2-8r/1[No title]
408/2 95/3a march
Mynshall 7r/3my lorde of Oxfordes Marche [index:] my lord of oxfords marc
Thysius373v/1La Marche.
For lute, consort part
Dd.3.1820r/2The March / The Erle of Oxforde[s] Marche / [index:] E of Oxf. March.
For cittern, consort part
Otley 3v/1[illegible] march
For recorder
For tenor viol
Dd.5.21 1v???
For consort
Morley 1599No. 14My Lord of Oxenfords maske
For keyboard
5609241-244The Marche before the Battle / The Battle; Brookes, No. 1343a
FWVB371/2-373/1The Earl of Oxfords Marche / William Byrd.; Brookes, No. 1343a
Nevell13vThe marche before: the battell:; Brookes, No. 1343a
Rogers31r/2[inv][No title]; Fragment, Brookes, No. 1343a
20v/147. M. allmaine
Mounsieur's Almain
For lute
Königsberg 1r/3Monsieurs Allemande. Bass.
Marsh 18Mownser.
Thysius484rAllemande Monsr
Welde14v/2-15rMounsieurs Almane
For bandora
Königsberg39v/1Monsieurs Almande triplici modo.
Königsberg39v/22. Variatio
Königsberg39v/33. Variatio
For cittern
Dd.4.2324r/1Monsiers Allmane
Otley 4v/1mounsirs allman
For lute, consort part
Dd.3.1835v[No title]; does not really fit the other Holmes consort parts
For cittern, consort part
For tenor viol
Dd.5.21 2v???
For bass viol
Dd.5.20 2r???
For consort
Morley 1599No. 15Mounsiers Almaine
20v/2, 21r/248. Tinternell
21r/149. Medley
See No. 23
21v/150. Passemesures Robinson
21v/251. T R
Toy (Robinson No. 15), Thomas Robinson
For lute
408/2100/3-101/1Robinsons toye
Dd.5.78.311r/2[No title]
Robinson 1603H1vA Toy
22r/152. Galliard T. R
22r/253. T: R
22v/154. Galliard delight
MEL 2: Delight Galliard, John Johnson
For lute
40032365Galliarda della Pauana
Board 7v/1Delyght Gally / Delight Gally:
Königsberg61r[??] Pavan Divisiont. Galliarde.
Marsh166[No title]
Pickering32r/2Delight galyerd by Mr Johnsonn
Welde 4r/2The galiard to yt
Wickhambrook10r/2the galiard to delight
Willoughby28r-29r/1The galiard to the paven / Mr Johnson
For lute duet
33748 I 6r/1[No title]; Bassus, last 11 bars only
33748 I 6r/2Aliter Cantus; treble
For cittern
Dd.4.2325vGalliard / Jhon Inuenta
For keyboard
Forster143v-145rThe galliard to the pauin. aforesaid / Mr: Bird:
FWVB309/2-391/1Galiarda / Ed. Jhonson sett by William Byrd
22v/255. [No Title]
23r/156. How can the Tree
23r/257. Complainte J. Dowlands
CLM 63: Complaint, John Dowland
23r/358. How will
23v/159. Fansie
See No. 11
23v/260. Callino
See No. 43
23v/361. Rogero
24r/162. Monsiers Allmane
See No. 47
24r/263. The Shininge Sonne
24r/364. My Lo. Of Oxfords Short Allmayne
24v65. Parsons In no[m]i[n]e. For consorte
In Nomine (Parsons), Robert Parsons
For lute
2924655r[No title]
Dallis130-131parsons in no[m]i[n]e set forth by HR
Dd.2.11 73v/1In no[m]i[n]e Parsons
Marsh136-137[No title]
Marsh274[No title]
25r/166. Tertiana
25r/267. Green Sleeues
25r/368. Tarltons Willy
CLM 81: Tarleton's Jig, John Dowland
Attributed to Dowland by Poulton on stylistic (i.e., no) grounds
For lute
Dd.2.11 56r/3[No title]
For lute, consort part
Dd.3.1853r/2Tarlton Jigg [index:] Tarletons Jigge
For cittern, consort part
Dd.14.2417r/2Tarletons Jigge
For recorder
Dd.5.21 5r???
For bass viol
Dd.5.20 5r???
25v69. Galliard / Jhon Inuenta
See No. 54
26r/170. A pauen
26r/2, 25v/271. The sp pauen
26v-27r72. Passemeasures
27v73. Dowlands pauen
CLM 8: Piper's Pavan, John Dowland
For lute
3056 2v-3rPipers pauan. by John Dowlande B.M.
3139227v-28rmaister pypers pavyn by mayster Dowland.
Barley (L)E3r-F1rA Pauen for the Lute, / Pipers Pauin By I·D
Dd.2.11 46v/2-47r/1Pauen J.D.
Delitiae37vPavana Pijper / Dovvlant
Euing29v/1[No title]; No divisions
Montbuysson70v-71rpipers paduan
Pickering19v-20rPipers Pauinge by Mr dowlande
For bandora
Dd.2.11 82r/2Pipers Pauen
For Bandora, consort part
Browne89r/3Pipers Pauin
For cittern, consort part
Dd.14.2432vCapt. Pipers Pauen
For recorder
Dd.5.21 3vCaptain Pipers Pauin
For bass viol
3648422vDaulans paven
Dd.5.20 3vCaptaine Pipers Pauen
For consort
Morley 1599No. 4Captaine Pipers Pauin
For keyboard
5612 4/1Captaine Pipers Pavion A Pavion; Brookes, No. 852
Eysbock57rQiu vis ingenius; Brookes, No. 639a
FWVB298-299/1Pipers paven / Martin Peerson; set by Martin Peerson, Brookes No. 1993
For voices
Hagius???Medias voces composuit C.H.; à 4
Hagius???Pypers Pavan; à 5
La.III 48827v-28Doulandis Pauane; cantus of 4 voices
For voice (solo)
9450 7rDuland his pauen callit gaudean; cantus
Rymen 1647110Sang: C. Pypers Pavane; adapted to Dutch words
Rymen 1655123Sang: C. Pypers Pavane; adapted to Dutch words
28r/174. Galliarde Jo. Dowl
CLM 22: Dowland's First Galliard, John Dowland
For lute
Board22v/1A Gallyard / A Gallyard
Dd.2.11 56r/5[No title]
Dd.2.11 60r/3Dow: galliard
Dd.2.11 95r/1Dowlands Galliarde; Upper left corner corrupted
Euing23r/2[No title]
For cittern, consort part
Dd.14.2434vDowlands j Galliarde
For recorder
Dd.5.21 5r???
For bass viol
Dd.5.20 5r???
28r/275. Galliard. J: Dowl
CLM 42: Can She Excuse, John Dowland
For lute
305648r[No title]
33748 I 7r, 7v, 6vGalliarda Pipers N° 2; copied from Strobel
33748 I65vGaliarta/ Pipers
33748 I66rAliter
40141 30rGalliarda
40141239r/1Galliarda / Gregorij
Bautzen31/1Galiarda Pipers; Very poor version
Dd.2.11 40v/1[No title]
Dd.2.11 62v/1[No title]
Eijsertt40rGalliarda Englessa
Euing24r/1[No title]
Florida 99rGaliarda.
Folger16rCan she excuse Jo: doulande; signed by Dowland
Fuhrmann121/2-122GAlliarda 12. / Verte, habebis variationem secundam / V. S.
Hainhofer6, 22v/1Gagliarda inglese bellissima Joan:Dooland.
Herbert55r/2Gall: mr. D: B:; attributed to Bachelar
Hirsch11v/1[No title]
Köln R242136v-137rGalliarda / anglica
Königsberg58v/2Excusa me
Montbuysson 2r/1Gagliarda
Montbuysson 2v/2[No title]
Montbuysson56v/2-57r/1Daulant Gagliarde
Vallet 161536-38Gaillarde du comte essex / Seconde partie A.10.
VarietieM2rThe Right Honourable Robert Earle of Essex, high Marshall of England, his Galliard. / Galliard 3 / Iohn Dowland, Batcheler of Musick.
For lute duet
33748 I 6vGalliarda Pipers N° 1; treble, bassus missing
33748 I 7v-8rGalliarda Pipers N° 3; treble, bassus missing
Thysius 22v/1Can shee excuse?; treble
Thysius 22v/2[No title]; bassus
For orpharion
Barley (O)B4vA Galliard made by I. D. / A Galliarde by I.D.
For cittern
Robinson 1609E2vA Galliard: Can she excuse my wrongs
For lyra viol
408/136/2-37/1A galliard Lute way
Och 439107[No title]
For lute, consort part
Nn.6.3637r[No title]
For consort
Morley 1599No. 6Galliard Can she excuse
For keyboard
Cfm 78279v-80rGalliard can she excuse and may serve to lachrymae:; Brookes, No. 580
Eysbock62vGalliard; Brookes, No. 580a
FWVB306/1Can shee; Brookes, No. 403
For voices
Hagius???Pypers Galliard; à 4
For voice (solo)
Rymen 1647 66Sang: Galliarde Essex; adapted to Dutch words
Rymen 1655 68Sang: Galliard Essex; adapted to Dutch words
Rymen 1675 48[No title]; adapted to Dutch words
Rymen 1680 44[No title]; same as 1675 edition
Rymen 1688 50[No title]; same as 1675 edition
Rymen 1690 67[No title]; same as 1675 edition
29r76. Saltarello de la milanessa
Virchi, No. 20b
Virchi38Saltarello de la Milanesa
29v77. Saltarello nouo
Virchi, No. 21
Virchi39Saltarello novo
30r-30v78. Padouauana de la Milanessa
Virchi, No. 20a
Virchi36-37Padouana de la Milanesa
31r79. Chi passa
31v80. Mrs Whyte
CLM 50: Mrs. White's Thing, John Dowland
For lute
2764(2) 6r/2[No title]; In G
Dd.2.11 63v/2W. Thinge
Fabritius 10vMein hertz mit schmertz
Fabritius 11r-11vEin schon Liedt / Alio modo
M. L. 2r/1Mris Whites Choyse; In F
Pickering19r/4[No title]
Sampson 7r/1Mrs Whites choice
Sampson 7r/2Mrs Whites choyce per Henricum Sampson scriptorem libri
Wickhambrook15r/2Whi Mistris Whittes thinge Jhone Dowlande
For instrumental ensemble
RestNo. 89Mein Hertz mit schmertz ist ist überall verwundet &c; à 5
32r81. What is a day or a night or an hower
What if a Day
For a detailed discussion of the tune and Thomas Campian's possible authorship see [Gre62].
For lute
Balcarres127What if a day, a moneth, or a year… Jeab mores way, mr Beck; In G minor
Basel F.IX.5319r/2[No title]; In F minor
Dd.9.3362v/1[No title]; In C minor
Folger23r[No title]; In C minor, Written out by John Dowland
Folger87r/1what If day or a nigihte or a yere; In C minor
Pickering19r/5[No title]; In C minor
Trumbull 2r/3[No title]; In G minor
Valerius248/1Comedianten dans.
For cittern
Robinson 1609K2rWhat if a day
Valerius248/2Comedianten dans.
For mandora
For keyboard
1186 15r/2-15vWhat if a day or a month or a yeare. / R: Cr. Octob: 27 1636; Brookes, No. 1573
5609103/1What if a day or a month or a year / R CR: Octr. 27. 1636; copied from 1186, Brookes, No. 1573
5612 70-71What if a day / Mr Tomkins; Brookes, No. 2309
For treble + Bass
Och 439115What if a day
For voices
2466525v-26rWhat if a day
2466569v-70rGo silly note, to the ears of my dear
3393381v-82rWhat is a day or a month or a yeir.
ForbesNo. 17What if a day[???]
RecreationNo. 17VVhat if a day or Month or / The first verse
RecreationNo. 18Earthes but a point to the world / The second verse
For voice (solo)
Bellerophon139-140Suyvere, schoone, vermakelijcke Maeghd
Lilliat109vWhat if a day
Lust-hof77Suyvere, schoone, vermaecklyjke Maeghd
Rymen 1647146-148Essex Lamentatie. Of : Wat if a daye &c.
Rymen 165255v-56r???; With a bassus part in a separte part book and a more elaborate instrumental setting
Valerius247Comedianten dans.
32v/182. The queenes Allmaine
The Queen's Almain
For lute
Welde 6v/2Away I have forsworne her Company
32v/283. P[re]ludium
33r84. Dobsons Allmayne
33v85. Souches March
Lord Zouche's March/Maske
For lute
33748 I38r/2Anglese
40141137vPaulo aliter Ballet
Dd.4.22 3v[No title]
Dd.9.3388r/1[No title]
Dolmetsch148v-149rIntrada anglicana
Florida106vChanson Englesae
Florida106v/2Chanson Englesæ
Florida110rSoet Catarijntken. / Soet Catarijnken
Folger 8r/2Zouch his march
II.6.15295Balletta Anglica
II.6.15395Chorea Angl.
III.11.264/2D D° Angleterre
Lüneburg 2000 8Ballet
M. L. 7v/2-8/1the Lord Souches Maske
Mynshall 7v/2my lord Southes maske [index:] my lord souches maske
Osborn fb 781v/2Souches March
Thysius395v[No title]
Vallet 161591Branle d'Irlande A.9.
For cittern
Otley35v[inv]/2L. Such March / the L. Souch his March
For consort
Morley 1599No. 23The Lord Zouches Maske
For keyboard
Eysbock 5rSimphonia Angelica A4; Brookes, No. 1009
FWVB347/2-348The L. Zouches Maske 30 / Giles Farnaby.; Brookes, No. 1648
For treble + Bass
Schermar 130No. 82Englisher auffzug / Intrada Anglica
34r86. [No Title]


1186[SC60] The Robert Creighton keyboard manuscript
Paris, Bibiothèque nationale, MS 1186
Probably compiled in the 1630s by the elder Robert Creighton
For a short discussion of the manuscript see [SC60], page 159.
15118London, British Library, Add. MS. 15118
24665Giles Earle his Booke
London, British Library, Add. MS. 24665
Solo songs, cantus and continuo
2764(2)GB-Cambridge University Library, Add.2764(2)
Scraps of manuscript lute music recovered from bindings of printed books.
See [Har64]
29246London, British Library, Add. MS 29247
One of five lute manuscripts from the collection of Edward Paston
The Paston lute books are discussed in [McC86]
29485The Susanne van Soldt's manuscript
British Library, Add. Ms. 29485
33 pieces for keyboard dated c.1600
Modern edition: [Cur61]
30485London, British Library, Add MS 30485
An early 17th century collection of keyboard music by English composers.
See [SC60], page 160 and [Bro71], page xx.
3056The so-called Benjamin Cosens Lute Book
Cambridge University Library, Addendum 3056
31392Addendum 31392
London, British Library, Add. MS. 31392
33748 INürnberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Ms. 33748, I
33933London, British Library, Add MS 33933
CONTRA-TENOR PART Of the music to the Scottish Metrical Psalter of 1566, etc., written by Thomas Wode, afterwards [1576] Vicar of St. Andrews.
36484David Melvill's Bassus book
London, British Library, Add. MS 36484
3665The Francis Tregian manuscript of ensemble music
London, British Library, MS Egerton 3665
One of the vast score books compiled by the Catholic recusant Francis Tregian
Modern facsimile edition: [D'A88]
The manuscript contains motets, madrigals and other vocal music and two sequences of instrumental music by Alfonso Ferrabosco II and by several other composers. The latter is discussed in [Hol93], chapter 7.
See also [SD51] and [Col54].
40032Kraków, Biblioteka Jagiellońska, Mus. ms 40032
Olim: Berlin, Preußsische Staatsbibliothek, Musikabteilung
40141The so-called Nauclerus Lute Book ('Lautenbuch des Johannes Nauclerus')
Berlin, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung mit Mendelssohn-Archiv, Mus. ms. 40141
4022Berlin, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung mit Mendelssohn-Archiv, Depositum Danzig Ms. 4022
Olim: Danzig (today Gdańsk) MS 4022
For a short discussion and 40 pieces in keyboard notation see [Stę65].
40316Kraków, Biblioteka Jagiellońska, Mus. ms 40316
Olim: Berlin, Preußische Staatsbibliothek, Musikabteilung
85 leaves of keyboard music
408/1The Ballet Lute Book
Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 408/1, pp. 1–75
Olim: D.1.21
Note: Bound (and paginated) with the completely unrelated 408/2.
For a detailed study of the book see [War68].
408/2Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 408/2, pp. 76–113
Olim: D.1.21
Note: Bound (and paginated) with the completely unrelated 408/1
For a detailed study of the book see [War68].
5.2.14Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Adv. MS 5.2.14
5609Sir John Hawkins's manuscript
New York, New York Public Library, Drexel MS 5609
This late eighteenth century book, copied by Sir John Hawkins, contains copies of seventeenth century keyboard music, most pieces drawn from 1186 and BL Add. Ms. 10337
5612New York, Public Library and Museum of the Performing Arts, at Lincoln Center, Drexel MS 5612
A large folio containing about 230 pages of keyboard music by English composers of the first half of the 17th century.
See [SC60], page 159
9450Robert Edward's commonplace book
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, MS 9450
Olim: Panmure 10
See [War81], pages 198-200
BalcarresManchester, John Rylands Library, The Balcarres Lutebook
Barley (L)William Barley
A nevv Booke of Tabliture, …
London, 1596
Brown: 15965
Modern edition: [New66]
Barley (O)William Barley
A nevv Booke of Tabliture for the Orpharion
London, 1596
Brown: 15965
Modern edition: [New66]
Basel F.IX.53Basel, öffentliche Bibliothek der Universität, Musiksammlung, ms F.IX.53
Modern facsimile edition: [Cha90]
BautzenThe Bautzen Lute Book
Kreis- und Stadtbibliothek Bautzen, Altbestand und Regionalkunde, MS 13.4°85
Manuscript additions to Bésard's Thesaurus Harmonicus
BellerophonD. P. Pers
Amsterdam, 1657
Besard 1603Jean Baptiste Bésard
Thesaurus Harmonicus
Köln, 1603
BoardThe Board Lute Book
London, Royal Academy of Music, Robert Spencer Collection, MS 603
Olim: The private library of Robert Spencer
Modern facsimile edition: [Spe76]
See also [Spe75b], [Pou75a] and [Pou75b].
BotelerThe so-called Boteler-Cittern Book
Cambridge, Massachusets, the private library of John M. Ward
The book is discussed in [War81], appendix M.
BrogyntynThe Brogyntyn Lute Book
Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, Brogyntyn Ms. 27
Modern facsimile edition: [SA78]
BrowneThe Browne (formerly Braye) Bandora and Lyra Viol Manuscript
London, Royal Academy of Music, Robert Spencer Collection, MS 600
Olim: The private library of Robert Spencer
See [Nor92] for a short description and an inventory.
Cfm 782The so-called John Bull Manuscript
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, Mu.Ms. 782
Olim: 52.d.25
Corkine 2nd BookWilliam Corkine
The Second Booke of Ayres
London, 1612
CSAnthony Holborne
The Cittharn Schoole
London, 1597
Brown: 15976
Modern editions: [Kan73], [Mön77], [Mön78]
Modern facsimile edition: [Hol73]
DallisThe (so-called) Dallis Lute Book
Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 410/1
Olim: D.3.30/I
Note: Bound with the unrelated MS 410/2, the 'Dublin Viginal Manuscript'.
For a detailed discussion of the book see [W67] and [War70].
Concerning Dallis, see also [Har76].
Dd.14.24The cittern part book of the so-called Cambridge Consort Books
Cambridge University Library, Dd.14.24
The Cambridge Consort Books Dd.14.24, Dd.3.18, Dd.5.20 and Dd.5.21are discussed in [Nor72].
See also [War81], pages 137–141.
Dd.2.11The first of the Matthew Holmes Lute Books
Cambridge University Library, Dd.2.11
The Holmes manuscripts are discussed in [Har63] and [Pou82].
For a very interesting recent discovery concerning the Latin poem on the 'cover page' of Dd.2.11 see [Har98].
Dd.3.18The lute part book of the Cambridge Consort Books
Cambridge University Library, Dd.3.18
Dd.4.22Cambridge University Library, Ms.Dd.4.22
Dd.4.23Cambridge University Library, Ms. Dd.4.23
Dd.5.20The bass viol part book of the Cambridge Consort Books
Cambridge University Library, Dd.5.20
Dd.5.21The recorder part book of the Cambridge Consort Books
Cambridge University Library, Dd.5.21
Dd.5.78.3The second of the Matthew Holmes Lute Books
Cambridge University Library, Dd.5.78.3
The book was re-bound (or bound?) in 1893, resulting in the displacement of a number of folios and the loss of others.
Dd.9.33The third of the Matthew Holmes Lute Books
Cambridge University Library, Dd.9.33
DelitiaeJoachim van den Hove
Delitiae musicae sive cantiones …
Utrecht, 1612
Modern edition: [Mön]
DolmetschHaslemere, Dolmetsch Library, MS II.B.1
A lute book probably compiled in Bavaria c.1620
Dresden 297Dresden, Sächsische Landesbibliothek, Handschriftenabteilung, Ms. M 297
EijserttThe Michael Eijsertt of Nürnberg Lute Book
Linz, Oberösterreichische Landesbibliothek, manuscript without shelf number
EuingThe Euing Lute Book
Glasgow, University Library, Euing MS 25
Olim: R.d.43
EysbockElisabeth Eysbock's Keyboard Book
Copenhagen, Kunglia Musikaliska Akademiens Bibliotek, Tablature No. 1
A manuscript in German organ tablature dating from c.1600
See [Dar62]
FabritiusThe Petrus Fabritius Lute Book
Copenhagen, Det kongelige Bibliothek, MS Thott 841.4°
Copied in Rostock , c.1604–08
FloridaJoachim van den Hove
Florida sive cantiones …
Utrecht, 1601
FolgerMs.V.b.280 (olim 1610.1)
ForbesJohn Forbes
Songs and Fancies
Aberdeen, 1662
2nd edition: 1666, 3rd edition: 1682
ForsterWill Forster's Virginal Book
London, British Library, Royal Music Library Manuscript 24.d.3
FuhrmannGeorg Leopold Fuhrmann
Testudo Gallo-Germanica
Nürnberg, 1615
FWVBThe Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, Mu. MS 168
Olim: MS 32.G.29
Probably compiled by the younger Francis Tregian
Modern edition: [MS99]
See [Col53] and [Cun95].
HagiusConradus Hagius
Newe Kunstliche Musicalische Intraden …
Nürnberg, 1616
HainhoferPhilipp Hainhofer's Lute Books
Wolffenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Cod.Guelf. 18.7.2° and Cod.Guelf. 18.8.2°
A lute manuscript in ten parts bound into two volumes written out by Philipp Hainhofer
For a very detailed study see [Lüd99]
Herbert Lord Herbert of Cherbury's [recte: Chirbury] Lute Book
Fitzwilliam Museum, MU. MS. 689
Copied by Edward Herbert (1582–1648), the well known poet, philosopher and womanizer, brother of George Herbert.
For a discussion of the book see [Dar57], [Pri69], [Spr87] and [CM91].
Concerning Herbert's facsinating life see [Shu76] and [But90].
A facsimile edition of the book has been announced by éditions Minkoff.
HirschThe Hirsch Lute Book
London, British Library, MS Hirsch M.1353
Modern facsimile edition: [Spe82]
II.6.15Leipzig, Musikbibliothek der Stadt Leipzig, Ms. II.6.15
German lute tablature for a lute with six courses, dated 1619.
Note: This manuscript is often (but incorrectly) called 'Długoraj Lute Book'
III.11.26Leipzig, Musikbibliothek der Stadt Leipzig, Ms. III.11.26
Modern facsimile edition: [Rey98]
Köln R242Elisabeth Romers's Lute Book
Köln, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Ms. R 242
KönigsbergThe Königsberg Manuscript
Central Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Manuscript 285-MF-LXXIX
Olim: Preußisches Staatsarchiv, Königsberg, Msc. A116. fol.
Modern facsimile edition: [WN89]
La.III 488Mure of Rowallan's Vocal Manuscript
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, MS La. III 488
LilliatJohn Lilliat's Commonplace Book
Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawl. Poet. 148
Modern [facsimile?] edition: [Dou85]
LogonomiaAlexander Gil
Logonomia Anglica
London, 1619
LoSTJohn Dowland
Lachrimæ or Seaven Teares …
London, 1604
Modern edition: [Hun85]
Modern facsimile editions: [Edw74a], [EMS92] and [Per98]
For a detailed discussion of the book see [Hol99].
Lüneburg 2000Lüneburg, Ratsbücherei und Stadtarchiv, Ms. Mus. ant. pract. 2000
Lust-hofJan Janszoon Starter
Friesche Lust-hof
Amsterdam, 1621
M. L.The M. L. Lute Book
Olim: The Sturt Lute Book
London, British Library, Additional MS 38539
Modern facsimile edition: [Spe85b]
For a detailed discussion see [Kap86]
MarshThe Marsh Lute Book
Dublin, Library of Archbishop Narcissus Marsh, Ms.Z3.2.13
Modern facsimile edition: [Spe81]
The book is discussed in [War69].
MontbuyssonThe so-called Montbuysson Lute Book
Kassel, Murhard'sche Landesbibliothek, Ms. 4° Mus.108(1)
For a detailed study see [Kni93]
Morley 1599Thomas Morley
THE FIRST BOOKE OF CON- / sort Lessons …
London, 1599 [second edition: 1611]
Modern edition: [Bec59]
MynshallThe Mynshall Lute Book
London, Royal Academy of Music, Robert Spencer Collection, MS 601
Olim: The private library of Robert Spencer
Modern facsimile edition: [Spe75a]
See also [Lum55], [Spe75b], and [Pou75a].
NevellMy Ladye Nevell's Booke
Private library of the Marquis of Abergavenny, no shelf mark
Modern edition: [And26]
See also [Bro71], page 170
Nn.6.36The fourth of the Matthew Holmes Lute Books
Cambridge University Library, Nn.6.36
Och 431Oxford, Christ Church Library, Mus. 431
A volume of keyboard music dating from about 1635
See [Dar63], page 225
Och 437Oxford, Christ Church Library, Mus.437
A volume of organ parts to sacred music, containing some music for solo keyboard on the first twelve leaves.
See [Hen62], page 92
Och 439Oxford, Christ Church Library, MS Mus.439
A bassus part, probably for instrumental ensemble, c.1600
Osborn fb 7Yale University, Beinecke rare book and manuscript library, James Marshall and Marie-Louise Osborn collection, Osborn fb 7
OtleyMatthew Otley's Cittern Book
Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Mus 181
Olim: *79M-44[3]
See [War81]
PartheniaParthenia; or, the Maydenhead of the first musicke that ever was printed for the Virginalls
London, c.1612
Modern edition: [Dar60]
PGAAnthony Holborne
Pavans, Galliards, Almains, and other short æirs…
London, 1599
Brown: 15996
Modern editions: [Bec40], [Tho80]
Modern facsimile edition: [Gra]
PickeringThe Pickering Lute Book
London, British Library, Egerton MS. 2046
Modern facsimile edition: [Spe85a]
Playford1651John Playford
The English Dancing Master [1st edition]
London, 1651
Playford1652John Playford
A Booke of New Lessons FOR THE CITHERN & GITTERN: …
London, 1652
This is the second edition of a lost book published in 1650 or 1651.
The book is discussed in [War81]
Playford1666John Playford
Musick's Delight ON THE CITHREN, …
London, 1666
This may be a second edition of a lost book.
The book is discussed in [War81]
Pratum 15846Emmanuel Adriaenssen
Antwerp, 1584
Brown: 15846
Modern facsimile edition: [Yon77]
RecreationRichard Allison
An HOWRES RECREA- / tion in Musicke, apt for Instruments and Voyces.
London, 1606
Songs for four and five voices
RestValentin Haußmann
Rest VOn Polnischen vnd andern Täntzen
Nürnberg, 1603
Robinson 1603Thomas Robinson
London, 1603
Modern facsimile edition: [Rob73]
Modern edition: [Lum76]
Robinson 1609Thomas Robinson
New Citharen Lessons
London, 1609
Modern edition: [CC97]
See [War81], [Har78] and [San78]
RogersElizabeth Rogers's Virginal Book
London, British Library, Add MS 10337
A volume mainly of keyboard music, but also containing some songs, compiled c.1656.
See [Sar71] and [Cof75].
Rymen 1647Dirck Raphaelsz Camphuysen
Stichtelycke rymen
Amsterdam, 1647
Rymen 1652Dirck Raphaelsz Camphuysen
Stichtelycke rymen
Amsterdam, 1652
With a separte bassus part book
Rymen 1655Dirck Raphaelsz Camphuysen
Stichtelycke rymen
Amsterdam, 1655
Rymen 1675Dirck Raphaelsz Camphuysen
Stichtelycke rymen
Amsterdam, 1675
Rymen 1680Dirck Raphaelsz Camphuysen
Stichtelycke rymen
Amsterdam, 1680
Rymen 1688Dirck Raphaelsz Camphuysen
Stichtelycke rymen
Amsterdam, 1688
Rymen 1690Dirck Raphaelsz Camphuysen
Stichtelycke rymen
Amsterdam, 1690
SampsonThe Sampson Lute Book
Schermar 130The Anton Schermar part books
Ulm, Stadtbibliothek, Depositum Schermar, MSS 130a–b
Discant and bass part books written out by Anton Schermar in 1620 ('Verus possessor Anthonius Schermar Vlm die 29 Julij. A[nn]o. 1620')
SkeneThe Skene Mandore Book
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Adv.MS 5.2.15
ThysiusThe Thysius Lute Book
Leiden, Rijksuniversiteitsbibliotheek, Thysius 1666, 'Luitboek van Johan Thysius'
Olim: MS 133.1.63
The book is discussed in [Lan89].
Trésor d'OrphéeAntoine Francisque
Paris, 1600
Modern facsimile edition: [Fra73]
Moder edition: [Qui06]
TrumbullThe Trumbull Lute Book
Cambridge University Library, Addendum 8844
Olim: Berkshire Record Office, Trumbull Additional Manuscript No. 6
Modern facsimile edition: [Spe80]
ValeriusAdrian Valerius
Haarlem, 1626
Modern facsimile edition: [Val74]
Vallet 1615Nicolas Vallet
Le Secret des Muses Vol. I
Amsterdam, 1615
Modern facsimile edition: [GB92]
Modern edition: [SR70]
VarietieRobert Dowland [and John Dowland?]
Varietie of Lute-lessons: …
London, 1610
Modern facsimile edition: [Hun58]
The book is discussed in [Bal79] and [Tay92].
For a discussion of John Dowland's possible co-authorship see [Tay92].
VirchiPaolo Virchi
Vineggia[Venice], 1574
Brown: 15746
Music for six course cittern tuned Dfbgde
WalsinghamThe Walsingham Consort Books
Hull, University Library, Mss DD HO 20/1–3 [flute, treble viol and bass viol part books]
Oakland, California, Mills College Library, manuscript without shelf number [cittern part book]
See [Edw74c], [Edw74b], [Edw77] and [War81], pages 159–160, 203
WeldeThe Welde Lute Book
The private library of Lord Forester, 'John Welde's Lute Book'
For a discussion of the book see [Spe59].
WickhambrookThe Wickhambrook Lute Book
New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University, School of Music, Special Collections, MS Ma.21.W.623
Modern edition: [Ste63]
WilloughbyThe Willoughby Lute Book
Nottingham, Nottingham University Library, Mi LM 16
The Lute Book written out by Sir Francis Willoughby
Modern facsimile edition: [AS78]
See [Dar54], [Lum55], [War92], [Ale77] and [Smi64]


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